July Newsletter

July 21, 2008

Having Fun!!!

Having Fun!!!

Hello everyone:



We have not seen each other since the Family Day at the center.  At least some of us have not seen each other.  Last Saturday, some of the Wee Bees went to Nadine’s shop to say hello to our alumni Wee Bee Debbra Murphy.  It was a fun filled day at the Fabric Peddler.   There was sewing and food.  Nadine made red beans and rice, which was oh soooo good.  We had salad, chicken, tea and fabric. See the attached picture.

I had promise myself not to buy any fabric.  I held out for awhile, but I broke down with a bill of around $40.00, and I have fabric on lay-away.  This is really bad of me, you should see my sewing room with all the fabric I have I do not need anymore.  I’m not even sewing as much, or really do not have the time.  SOME BODY PLEASE HELP ME.  I need fabric anonymous.  You might just have to come to the house do a intervention.  I have it bad girls.   

Let’s get down to Wee Bee business.  I will not be at the meeting this month and I think at least 2 or 3 other members will not be there.  We will be on a bus trip with the Daughter’s of Dorcas.  But you are not alone, you and the other members will be there.

I’m not sure if there is going to be a demonstration class at this meeting.  Loretta if there is one please send out a e-mail.

 Pat you are in charge of sending out the Wee Bee News Letter, so take good notes.  Food is anything you want to bring.

The Challenge Quilt winner Gwen, I will make sure that you get your JoAnn’s Gift card, which I will send by Charlene.  Our fabric winners Sandra and Carolyn Burgess, I will give it to you next month (after I go shopping for more fabric).  I decide to give you each 1/2 yrd of fabric, and I thought since I am going on this bus trip, that it will be a great opportunity to fine something that you might not have.  (This is just another excuse to buy fabric) God help me. 

Our service project that is due at this months meeting is the 12-1/2 block for Marlene for the women who are HIV+.  The theme is “Steppin’  Out”, the back ground fabric is beige. 

NOTE TO ALL:  This is a service project and we all should take the time to do it.  If you will not be at the meeting please let us know and maybe you can mail your block to  Marlene or you can send it by one of the other members.  You can even work on it at the meeting.  This is not a hard request, I expect 100% participation in this.  If you have time make 2 blocks.  If you will not be participating in this service project, please let Marlene know so she will not be waiting for your block and hold up progress.  

This is the end of what I have to say, and as I always say, if you have something to add please do so.  Your voice in what goes on in Wee Bee is always import to all of us.  Not one person speaks for all.  We are sisters in the quilting world.  We are family in the Wee Bees.  If you need something, we will be there for you.  Have a blessed weekend and I’ll see you when I see ya.


Your Sister in Quilting